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Dand.. The Penalty - Is a short film created for road safety awareness. It's a message by Quick Heal foundation and created by Vedarth Creations.
Cast and Crew
Director - Harshawardhan
Story - Prasad Shirgaonkar
Screenplay,Dialog - Harshawardhan, Prasad
Editing - Sachin Pandit

The Path

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You want your kids to have the best in the life. You have dreams about their career and life. When the time comes, they chose a career path.

What if you don't like the path? What if the path they chose shatters your dreams about their glorious and successful life?

The Permission

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When is the right time for a father to give his daughter a 'permission' to take her own decisions and make her own choices? What is the right balance between protecting our kids and letting them protect themselves... And how to do that?

Watch this sensitive story of a teenage girl and her father and make a decision on your own...

The Butterfly Project

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Your kid needs to submit a school project on Monday morning. He/She has completely forgotten about it. Somehow, you catch it during the weekend.

You want your kid to submit the project on time. And you want your kid to do the best!

What do you do now?

Watch this beautiful short film and decide your own plan of action!

The First Steps (Short film)

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A young mother Meghana wishes to restart her career after maternity. She is torn between her desire to restart the career and emotional pressure put on her to look after her son.

She soon discovers that its easier to fight external battles than fighting her own inner battles.